Original artwork for 'The Map and the Clock' Anthology

Stephen has drawn twelve new artworks for the anthology The Map and the Clock, edited by Carol Ann Duffy and Gillian Clarke (Faber and Faber). These originals are now available for sale. A (Quink) ink bottle in the photo gives an idea of scale. The signed original, drawn in ink on Arches watercolour paper, will be despatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery. (Size: 29 x 39cms) The prices are on a sliding scale: the first 6 will be £200 each (plus VAT and postage). Overseas clients will be required to pay in GBP (thanks to Brexit). The last 6 will be on sale for £300 until further notice. Email infoatStephenRaw.com for availablity.

The original of 'Bring us in good ale. . .' is currently in an exhibition at The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK

map and the clock